tethered reboot

Alright so I had everything working great on the previous version of season pass.  I downloaded the new untethered version to do my friends apple tv and cannot get XBMC to install for the life of me.  I could use any and all help installiing XBMC.  My apple tv 2 is on the tethered version and now I cant tethered reboot because it updated the season pass on my computer.  If i want to stay tethered, how do i get the old season pass to do a tethered reboot?

can’t see any reason why you should stay on tethered version.

Just update JB to 5.1.1. and forget all these problems while you can.

I think he’s having the same problem as me.  It created a new IPSW on the new version of SeasonPaSS.  If you hit “tethered boot” it says “you don’t need to do that with this new IPSW” but our AppleTVs relied on the old IPSW to boot. 

  1. Can’t just rejailbreak with the updated IPSW because i can’t get it into DFU mode at all

  2. Can’t tethered boot because the new seasonpass won’t even attempt it and assumes the atv is running the newest firmware (which it’s not), why still have the button?!

  3. restore in iTunes fails everytime

‘‘reset’’ via atv menu, restore in itunes , jailbreak with fresh seasonpass.

it’s so simple it worked. doh!

Seas0nPass will always default to the latest version, but if needed you can choose a specific version to ‘tethered boot’ by right-clicking the Tethered Boot button in Seas0nPass.

Thanks for the help guys, I finally go Xbmc working and all is good on the new untethered jailbreak just had to omit the last 2 commands.