Tethered Boots coming to an end?


Is the tethered boot slated to be a thing of the past? Is this being worked on? I have an ATV2.



-Below is just some background and kudos.

I ask because I have had to go through the entire process from start to finish twice with a third on the way and although I truly appreciate the technical hurdles and the effort in coming up with this jailbreak, I on the other hand would like to politely say that I’ve not really been able to enjoy the jailbreak as I had expected because the combination of hardware/software appears to break without reason. By break I mean, I get a black screen suddenly, I wake in the morning and incidentally see my ATV with a blinking light, if I reset the ATV I get the connect to iTunes icon and, ahem, I know I shouldn’t ever power down my AppleTV as a quick fix, it just exasperates the issue…and so on.

Granted, I have learned about SSH and it’s something I will add to my arsenal in the future because asking my son to haul his mac mini, kbd, mouse and his monitor to the living room each time is a bit of a disappointment but I do remain patient and optimistic.

I sincerely appreciate the community of users whose tenacity at delivering clear answers to those with technical issues — Kudos and best wishes to all those who fit this description. I wish you the best.



Untethered about a month or 2

Unfortunately, I too agree that the whole jailbreak thing has been less than pleasant experience.  I too did a XBMC update thru Nito on one of my Apple TV’s only to have it appear to have broken the jailbreak and now can’t seem to get the Tiny saved blobs to work.  I know its not the fault of Firecore or the jailbreak folks.  I too know that the real issue lies in the Apple Corporate world and the fact that they want to control everything thru a gate process but have lots of restrictions, etc. that prevent apps like XBMC for being possible.  I know they do it with the so call best interest of the consumer experience (and $ to sustain the business) to avoid lots of the Windows issues when there is no gate keeper.  But it is still very frustrating to the purchaser of Apple hardware.  Please keep up the effort for jailbreaking in an unteathered world and it really is apprecited.

there is no time frame on when untethered boot for 5.0 is coming nor is it owed to anyone.  be glad that you can jailbreak 5.0 period.  people spend their time for free to make these jailbreaks!  I know you aren’t complaining, but it will be done when its done.  

if you are not happy about it put it back to stock and wait for the untethered to be released


Trust me, I understand.  I am a programmer in the Windows world and fully understand trying to solve an issue.  And I am not up against some of the brightest trying to thwart me at every turn.  I wish I had even a fraction of the knowledge at that level to help with the project. 


Really, thank you to all who do this selfless work…