Tethered Boot

If I do a tethered Jailbreak do I have to use the same computer to tether boot it? 


Carpenter940 must have forgotten that he successfully offered an alternative that worked for me:


Thanks, much, Carpenter940!

You do NOT have to use the same computer.

I’ve learned that if you launch SP 9.3 and right click on the “boot tethered” icon, you will be presented with the tethered versions on a drop-down.

Choose the correct version and voila!  In about one minute you should be set for a tethered connection!

So simple.

Has anyone broken a box with a PC and then tried to tether boot it using a Mac?  I’ve broken one with a PC and it died last week so I bought a Macbook Pro…eek?



Should not be a problem!

All my ATV’s are jailbroken on a PC and tether-booted from my MAC which is much closer to my TV.

Good luck!