tethered boot with macbook pro with 10.8.4 not working

Has anyone had any trouble with doing a tethered boot with a macbook pro which has OS 10.8.4?

I jail broke a apple tv 2 which had version 5.2.1 using season pass 0.9.2 successfully without any issues.  If I use a macbook pro which has OS 10.7.5, I can do the tethered boot with no problems at all and works everytime.

However, i tried to use my other macbook pro which has OS 10.8.4 and each time, I get a “unable to upload” message and can never do the tethered boot.  Tried using different micro usb cables and it still doesnt work.  

Could it be that there is a compatibility issue with mac OS 10.8.4?

I’ve never done a tethered jaibreak, but doesn’t the tethered boot need to be done with the same computer that was used to perform the jailbreak?  And I believe the files are not transferable from one computer to another?  Perhaps someone here can confirm this.


You’re correct, need to do tethered boot on computer you jailbroke on.

Thanks for the reply and confirmation!  I really appreciate this forum!

So if I buy a Apple TV 2 with 5.2.1 from ebay that is already jailbroken with the tethered boot, I’m basically screwed.  I’d then have to redo the jailbreak myself on my own computer and go thru and configure it myself again.



No, if that were the case there’d be a lot of negative feedback given to those sellers.  I read somewhere that the files are non-transferable between computers, but that must be incorrect.    

I’m confused now, lol.  Some of you say that I need to use the same system that was used to do the jailbreak in order to successfully boot it tethered.  And some say its not necessary?

So, should I be able to boot tethered using any win or mac laptop?

Do I need to use seasonpass version 0.9.2 or can I use any version of seasonpass to do a tethered boot?

I have a co worker that wants me to jail break his apple tv with 5.2.1.  do I need to borrow his laptop to do the seasonpass jailbreak?

can anyone else confirm this?


Not screwed, the process would be:

Find computer you wish to tether your ATV with

Download seasonpass beta (latest as of this writing)

Start seasonpass and right-click “create ipsw” and choose 5.2.1

the software will download that version

When downloaded you will then choose the “boot tethered” and follow directions… NO NEED TO RE-JAILBREAK. All add-ons that were there before will still be there.

That makes sense, thanks.


i have tried to do this on my laptop and it well not let me create it. says “this apple tv is not eligible for this version” and i get it to work on my desktop no problem so not sure what i am doing wrong with the laptop besides thing about hitting it with a hammer.

 nm got it to work i didnt have the beta i only had the other verision of seasonpass



As is posted elsewhere on this site, Apple is no longer signing 5.2.1 which is why you are getting the “not eligible” message.  Many of us are in the same boat and are waiting for a solution.  

I’ve been seeking an answer as to which OTHER versions of the software that were breakable before 5.3 might now be unbreakable like 5.2.1.  

Anyone know the answer?