Tethered Boot (Seas0npass 0.8.3) Successful->Black Screen

I just jailbroke an Apple TV 2 with Seas0npass 0.8.3.  Lots of trial and error but in the end it worked fine.  Now I’m stuck on the Tethered Boot process.  It uploads all components successfully and says the Tethered Boot is complete and it’s safe to unplug the USB cable.   I uplug the USB cable, plug in the HDMI cable.  Power is connected throughout.

However the screen remains black, and the light on the ATV2 keeps flashing (slowly) – forever.  If i reboot the ATV2 I get the iTunes/USB image, so I know the HDMI signal is correct. I assume I get that because upon rebooting I’m now untethered again.

I’ve tried the tethered boot half a dozen times with the same result.

What am I doing wrong?

I think iTunes may have been open each time, could that have been the problem?  I also jailbroke with a diffrent Mac than the laptop I’m using for the tethered boot; I assume that’s not a problem.

Finally I have not purchased aTV Flash as I’m not sure I can even get “in” to the TV menu; is that somehow necessary first?

Please help!

If there is the message, its to late. When its done, quickly unplug the USB cord and plug in the HDMI.

lol, seriously? you have to do it before getting the Tethered Boot is complete message?  How do you know it is “done” then? How would anyone know that? Anyway, I’ll try.

Edit: ok, I tried. I don’t see how it’s possible to do it before the complete message.  As soon as the progress bar on “uploading kernel cache” finishes the message is already up. I tried it at that precise moment and still the same result.

Thats the point, last green on progress bar finished, a short message appears after " uploading kernel cache " at the same place before !! the usb/hdmi message pops up in a new window.

Now take a look at the front LED. Starts flashing slowly is all right, about 10 seconds later it keeps shining on for a view seconds.  Your apple TV is booting now . If the light flashes high frequently, next try :wink:

Normaly there must be the USB/ apple sign on your TV when you booting without tethered seasonpass, but , and thats happend in my case on 4.4.4 IPSW using , black screen, no apple sign on TV. Tethered boot still worked.

Thanks for the reply.  I’m on Mac, not Windows, so there’s no green progress bar, and the usb/midi message does not pop up in a new window, but the same window.  Even tho it says tethered boot completed, the light never “shines on for a few seconds”.  It keeps flashing.  

That said, I tried a different (newer) laptop, and I managed to get it boot on the 3rd try!  This time, yes, the light went solid.  The laptop I was using is from 2006.  Unfortunately, the newer laptop that worked is not kept at home but at my wife’s office.  So I don’t know if it was just luck or what, but if I need to do it again I need to ask my wife to bring her laptop home again, which is a real pain.

So now I’ve determined that that 2006 Intel MacBookPro (1st Gen) just will not achieve a tether boot, while the newer one will 90% of the time.  Given that the newer one is not kept at home, is there anything that could be done in theory to make the earlier MBP work?  A software update to Seas0npass?  Could insufficient USB power output be an issue?  If so, would getting a power boosting USB to Micro-USB cable such as this one make a difference?