Tethered Boot Required on Power Up

As at 19 August 2013

ATV2 5.2.3. Seas0nPass latest version downloaded 16 August 2013. Everything fine but did require a tethered boot before the ATV would run.

Now, everything is brilliant until I lose power to the ATV: power on then requires a tethered boot via Seas0nPass to allow ATV to run.

Have gone back to basics: restore in iTunes; rerun jailbreak; rerun “aTV Flash (black).exe” with same results.

This is a major hassle as my ATV is nowhere near my Computer and I have to keep messing around interposing a laptop every time the power is turned on.

What have I done wrong and how can I fix it?

Nothing I am afraid.  The 5.3 jailbreak is tethered which means the tethered boot step needs to be repeated every time after power has been removed (or after a hard reset).  The only thing to do is to try and avoid removing power.

If by any chance the ATV2 has been jailbroken in the past you may have saved shsh blobs for the firmware release running at the time.  If that is the case you ahve the option of reverting to that firmware release which may have an untethered jailbreak.   Without such saved shsh blobs or if you want a feature of the latest firmware release then I am afraid there is no alternative.

Thanks itimpi. If nothing else, you have made me feel less dumb.

Glad someone else had this problem, thought I was being retarded :)