Tethered Boot on Windowa Vista, on an Apple jailbroken ATV 2


I have jailboken my atv 2 with my mac book air and installed atv flash.

Now i have a Windows Vista PC, and Seasonpass dont activate the “boot tethered” button!!

It is possible to “create IPSW”.

But I dont want to jailbreak it again and i dont want to buy atv flash again.

What can i do??



You need to repeat the Create IPSW option (without doing the iTunes stage) as the Boot Tethered requires some files created at that stage. Once you have done that then SasonPass will offer the Boot Tethered option.


  • You did not pay for SeasonPass - that is free.
  • The ATV Flash software license allows you to install it on any ATV2 devices you own, so also there is no reason you should pay for that again.

Thank You

I ll try that.

It worked