Tethered boot needed after losing internet connection

Please help…I have a jailbroken apple tv 2 (4.4.2) the one where you dont need any shsh blobs

I understand that when  you lose power you will need a tethered boot to be up again.

I understand this and have done it many times…What I dont understand is everytime I lose

my internet connction I have to do a tethered boot aswell, makes no sense and is a real hassle

even when I reboot my router the apple tv needs a tethered boot. Am I missing anything here…Am

I the only one??


Thanks for any help

Tony D.

Tell us more about your connection configuration.  

Since your Wifi connection has no inherent relationship to your power supply, I’m going to speculate that you do not have each component wired and powered separately.

Perhaps you do?

My apple tv 2 is hooked up normally like any other apple tv, Its connectied to my wifi and always plugged in, never ever did anythilng to it except jailbreak it…Thank you for your response by the way I really thought no one would reply to this post because it makes no sense that it would need a tethered boot for just simply losing an internet connection. But tested and true and can honestly gaurantee it. Really wierd and very fustrating.




Fascinating for me… a pain in the arse for you.

So your Apple TV is plugged into into it’s own OUTLET.  And your Router is plugged into a separate OUTLET.  No powerstrips allowed here…

Pacify me…

My wireless router is upstairs and the apple tv is downstairs, right now as we speak its plugged in a power strip/protector. I have tested the apple tv plugged in on its own in the wall and the powerstrip, I have done two seperate tests cause I thought for sure the cause of the problem was the power strip. I even brought down my router to hardwire it to the apple tv and test it and voila same CRAP!!..At this point Ive excepted that Ill be dealing with this till an untethered fw comes out…So needless to say its been a few months.




Why don’t you update it to 5.3 which Apple is still signing?

You may find that solves your problem!

From my understanding Apple is now signing 6.0…unless Im wrong…

No jailbreak for that version unless it has happened in last 24 hours…

Very intimidated to do it…Something always goes wrong when I jailbreak…But thank you for all your help!!!

Do you have a MAC or PC?  

My experiences with a PC and jailbreaking to 5.3 have been flawless over many, many attempts.

Just also make sure that you are using the latest version of iTunes: 11.1.1.

Good luck!

Okay…Finally got the ballz to jailbreak it to 5.3 tethered and so far so good!!!..Thanks for the help.