Tethered Boot Help

I couldn’t find a post that related to my problem.  I set up my Apple TV 2 with the tethered boot on my Macbook Pro.  All works well and using the tethered boot on my Macbook Pro it starts flawlessly.  However, I tried to tether boot the Apple TV 2 using the same program (i copy pasted from my pro) on my Macbook Air and the screen on the Air shows that it found the device in DFU mode and stays at the candy cane forever.

Trying to fix the situation myself I thought that the tethered boot must use files from the created ipsw file.  So… I copied the same ipsw file from my pro and put it under the same directory of my air and tried it again.  Only to be greated with a “failed to boot” message.  This did get passed the waiting for dfu screen but still no boot.


How do I get it to be able to tether boot using a different computer then the Pro which I set it up on?

Copying files over to a new machine wont do it. You’ll have to run seasonpass on the new machine and choose “create ipsw”. When it attempts to open itunes stop the process, close itunes, close and reopen seasonpass and you should be able to tether it.



I started doing this, but got scared at the point when it tells me to connect my apple tv hold the two buttons and wait step.  I fear this could wipe my apple tv…  will it? or as long as I dont get into itunes I should be safe?

I may have to defer the answer to someone who has a MAC. I don’t want to admit this, but I may have given you incorrect information. The latest seas0npass was updated to not needing itunes to jailbreak, so it was good you stopped it. You would have ended up with a jailbroken ATV, but all addons would have been gone.


It may be possible it got far enough in the process that you can now tether it, you can hook up the ATV and see if that’s true.