Tethered boot greyed out. Jb on different computer



I jailbroke my brother’s apple tv and loaded it with plugins etc on 5.0.  I gave it to him and told him to download seasonpass and just to tether boot it. The tether boot is greyed out. I have since concluded this is because it wasn’t jailbroken on his computer.


Is there any way around this?  Can I send him the seasonpass files related to his jailbreak that are obviously stored on my computer somewhere via Dropbox or similar?  Can he re-jailbreak without having to wipe or lose all the plugins and addons on his ATV? He lives about an hour away so trying to avoid having to visit him!

its ok I sorted it out!

Hey me and my family are having the same problem, we had a friend of ours jailbreak the apple tv 2 with ios 5. He is trying to find out the problem I was wondering if you could tell me what you did to fix it it would be very aprreciated thanks!

Click on create an ipsw. Let it do its thing and you are good to go. You only need to do it once.

So it automatically sets everything ? So clicking that doesn’t make me have to re do everything?

don’t connect your apple tv while you click the create IPSW. When it has done its stuff after 5-10 mins it will say put in DFU mode. Just cancel at this point.


Then you can start up seasonpass again and this time the tethered boot option will be available and you can connect up your apple tv

That takes its to restore? I can’t retire because I didn’t jailbreak and wouldn’t know how to re do all of that.