Tethered Boot Completes but no video & flashing light

Im trying to boot up my ATV2 that’s on 5.3 with Seas0npass 0.9.3 and the tethered boot on my Mac completes and tells me that its ok to disconnect the usb, but the light keeps flashing and there isnt and display when I connect the hdmi cable. 

Ive tried it twice and gotten the same result. Previously I had no issue with it and the tethered boot, Just a bit lost on it at the moment.

Any ideas anyone?

For what is worth, I was able to get it working again.

I tried reinstalling Seas0nPass, didnt help

I tried re-starting the MBP, didnt help

I tried a brand new, just taking it out of the wrapper usb cord, didnt help

I tried reinstalling 5.3 thru Seas0npass and I got error 9 during the iTunes portion

So I started over with a clean Apple Stock 5.3, went thru no problems

Re-Jailbroke it with Seas0nPass, no problems

Reinstalling everything now.

Still no idea why it happened tho