Tethered atv2 battery - no boot

Was wondering if anyone has experimented with putting a battery power source on the atv2. Of course it would not last long. But would mean you could tether boot your atv2. Then disconnect from wall power, reconnect to wall power later.

Can a power source be put on the USB cable. To keep the ATV2 from powering down. So you can move it?

1). Great for power outages
2). Great for not needing a laptop for tethering. Just attach to desktop. And hold in powered up state.

I am not sure that I would try and put a battery on the USB cable and might be a bit of trouble to implement, and anyway it is mains power (not USB power) that determines whether a tehtered boot will be required   However connecting the ATV2 to a cheap UPS makes a lot of sense.   The ATV2 is low enough power that even a minimal UPS would keep it live for any likely interval when power was not available.  

Ups costs are $50 to $100. Likely a good idea to have one for my computer equipment too. Just need to find the best price point and value.

your question is very unclear, if you have a apc back up on the apple tv why would u need the micro usb?

if you feel having a bulky battery back up instead of just plug the unit into a computer when you change rooms go for it. Doing it the way you are stating will work perfect if you have a place to hid the battery back up when you change from room to room.

Because the HDMI and USB connections are so close together you cannot have both connected simultaneously (unless you have a very slim USB connector).