tethered and non tethered

Ok I’m a newbie but here is my questions my atv2 is at the latest firmware so if I tether it will I be able at some point to jailbreak it untethered? and is there a untethered jailbreak on the horizon as I can wait as This was gotten for my son so Ican wait as I have one that is jailbroke and I’m happy with it.I guess no one has a crystal ball but any info would help …

Tethered you don’t power off your Apple TV2.

Non-Tethered I recommend for every users.

Please search in Google and you will find tons of information.

In that past an untethered jailbreak has normally followed the tethered one appearing after a short delay.   However one can never guarantee that the jailbreak developers will crack the issues of getting the untethered jailbreak to work so you should not rely on it appearing.   If the untethered jailbreak DOES appear then you can re-jailbreak your ATV to get it installed.