Testing while travelling


I’m a recent convert to Infuse on the iPad and I’ve just returned from a trip away from home (and my NAS) so I thought I’d share my experience.

I was trying to use Infuse to remotely connect to my NAS on my home network. First major problem is the browse speed. Because Infuse needs to connect and scan the same fairly static directories of media each time, this shows significant slowdown across the WAN. Browsing the directory using either FTP or WebDAV (eg when you first configure the share) seems fairly fast and only takes 5 seconds to list 300 directories. But once Insure opens the share and scans it each time, the spinning busy wheel takes 5 minutes with FTP and 90 seconds with WebDAV until the media is listed. And even then, after many hours much of the metadata and thumbnails are still missing/updating. Why is FTP so much slower?

Now if I select a media file to download it will take much of the bandwidth of my home connection and so returning to the media list view can now take 20 minutes to display. There doesn’t seem to be a way to pause an active download once it has been started?

I am hopeful that the upcoming ‘library’ feature in 5.5 can obfuscate the latency of scanning a remote filesystem. It seems like updating new/deleted media should be a background task that doesn’t need to be done first. Show the last known list of files for that share while we wait for it to update (not a spinning busy wheel). It’s probably 99% unchanged. I have a remote app for Android/Kodi called ‘yatse’ that does this very well…

The other major problem I had was ios not allowing background downloading. I know it’s not Infuse’s problem but it’s really annoying if your download takes many hours. You have to keep the screen on, unlocked and walk away. I was able to use split view multitasking with some apps to keep infuse awake while I could still do other things. But not many other apps support split view. I’m hopeful that one day we’ll be able to do background downloading in ios even when the screen is off… Maybe ios 11?

I am giving this feedback because Insure is great (I bought the pro version) and I would love to see it continue to improve. It’s almost prefect for my needs… Keep up the good work!

If you think that Insure is great wait till you try Infuse! :wink:

Hehe. I blame the swype auto complete keyboard on my phone :wink:

Thanks for the feedback! Many of these concerns will be addressed in the upcoming 5.5 update, which we’re hoping to have out later this month. :slight_smile: