Tester version metadata to appstore version

How do I get my old metadata? & By any chance do we get any discounts on the pro version seems pretty expensive (87$)?

What do you mean by your old metadata?

Unfortunately there are no discounts on the lifetime version of pro, but you can get a one year free on the yearly version if you previously had pro.

I mean the metadata on the tester version of the app I had until a few hours ago

All of the pre-release versions are expired now. The Mac version is now on the Mac app store. If you want to continue using the Mac versions you have to go to the app store version.

So the metadata is gone too? I need to regenerate
As far as the money goes, I just purchased the pro

The beta versions are sandboxed from the release version so I’m pretty sure you will.

Although some of that will be saved in iCloud (assuming you had that enabled). Just not the images

Are you running infuse on any other devices?

I have but never used it on my phone

Then after you load it on your mac, go to the prefs screen and select library and see if it shows the messages that it’s syncing.

Info synced to iCloud in the betas will be available once you install the App Store version.

Infuse may need to scan through a few things though.