Terrible Library (iCloud) Syncing Issues

I have multiple Apple devices with infuse (Apple TV 4K, iPad, iPhone, Macbook).

Two days ago, I had no issue adding a file to my Infuse library on macOS (direct URL link). That TV episode now shows up on all devices in either “Links” or “Library” section.

But yesterday, I added a movie again, via direct URL link) on my iPhone. To my surprise, the movie did not display on my AppleTV. Upon further checking, it didn’t appear on the library of any other device (Macbook, iPad).

All devices are logged onto the same iCloud account. iCloud drive is enabled. AppleTV has the same iCloud account as the default user.

I tried clearing metadata, deleting iCloud data, deleting and re-downloading the Infuse apps and have had no success.

I went through and cleaned up a bunch of files (removed “Links” to episodes/movies that were broken) on my iPhone. I click the sync button. When I go to my other devices, it’s still showing and listing all the files I had painstakingly cleaned up on my iPhone.

Not sure what is going on, but I can’t seem to get anything I do on my iPhone to update the other devices. Plenty of iCloud storage available, so that’s not the issue.

Really wish there was better iCloud syncing option controls. On several apps I use that have iCloud sync functionality, a device would ask “Do you want to overwrite the library on this device with the one on the cloud? Or should we replace the cloud version with the library shown on this device?”

Ideally, I’d like the same library across all devices (including links that have been pruned/removed), but can’t get this to work when I use my iPhone.

Can you check to ensure you some free space available in iCloud? This is often times the reason for issues if things suddenly stop working.

Hi James,

12.6GB of 50GB iCloud+ storage used.

You’ll also want to ensure you’re running the latest 7.3.3 update on all devices.

7.3.3 has a few iCloud related changes and will not sync with older versions.

You can check the version number by scrolling to the bottom of Infuse > Settings.

Looks like iPad, iPhone, and Macbook are all on 7.3.2. Not at home to check on the AppleTV, but will look when I get back. I deleted the app and re-downloaded as recently at 2:30AM EST, so thought it would be the latest update - but maybe it didn’t push to the Apple Store as an available update. Let me try updating now.

Maybe related:

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Some good news today. :slight_smile: