Terrible lag with my .avi's hope there's a fix. . .

Just got the ATV Flash v3.2 install went without a hitch (great instructions) enabled USB drive and connected one of my 750GB drives that’s stuffed with movies. They are all encoded with H.264 and AC3 audio. Bitrate is 2500Kbps. Here’s the problem:

The lag is soo bad that the audio plays fine but the video stutters so bad I can’t watch them. This was my sole purpose for buying the patch. I didn’t want to re-encode nearly 2TB’s of movies.

Any help or ideas?

I hope there’s a fix or I just blew $50 for no reason. :frowning:

Remember, aTV Flash uses a bunch of open source stuff out there on the net. It just congregates them into one easy to install package.

The issue is with the .avi codec. Whatever codec being used probably needs to be updated to run better.

This is like the hanging on importing data problem with Sapphire. The problem showed up and the Sapphire developers fixed it after a few days.

Keep an eye out for the updated codec, and I’m sure we’ll be able to just download the new one through mPlayer when it’s ready.

Just curious, why avi instead of mp4?

I started ripping in .avi’s several years ago. Long before iPhones, ATVs and video iPods. By the time all this gadgetry came out I had several Terabytes of media. I’m in the slow painful process of re-ripping the majority of it now. I was just hoping I could save the trouble on this one 750GB drive but, no joy.

I also have a bad case of OCD! It took a while for me to find just the right settings for iTunes compatible files. I’m all good now and my OCD is happy! :lol: :lol:

No prob man, I can completely relate with the OCD.

I rip into mp4 with basically the same settings you use for avi. Quality is great.

I’ve got a 1080p TV and there is nearly no difference between the mp4 at 2500 and the raw DVD VOB files.

I would wait on the reripping. I’m certain that the codec will be fixed.

Ahh… well… I’ve also come to the conclusion that I should probably move over to a new container. (i.e. .mp4, m4v,etc.) So my files will be “future compatible” or at least as much as possible.

Not a bad idea.

Which plugin are you using to play avis? Media (Sapphire) or Files seem to work better than the DVD (nitoTV) plugin for avi files.

Tried everything. Media, Files and DVD. None of them would play the video. I could hear the audio but saw no video or very choppy video.

I get this same problem when I play AVI’s from my nfs shared drive (On a Linux file Server. It doesn’t do that with the old 1.1 version of the AppleTV software though). But the strange thing is, that when I copy the same video onto a flash drive, and connect and play the same video from there it’s fine. (With the exception of mplayer which flattens the video, shows 50% of the height of the video.Edit: Fixed that with adding -monitoraspect 16:9 to the mplayer command list) So I’d like to see a solution to this problem too… (Maybe a network driver issue?)

Edit: Looks like this lag problem is related to the 2.1 software update network drivers. As I did a complete reinstall from scratch (aTV Version 1.0), and I stll get lag when streaming a video from a network share. Tried replacing the network driver and it didn’t fix the problem. (From a V1.1 install)


So - is this something we will be auto-notified about? of is it something we have to manually update ourselves?