Temporary Freezes?


I seem to recall this being an issue pre-installing aTV Flash (Silver)… but I think perhaps moreso after…

Sometimes even straight after a reboot, simple things like moving through the menus can come to a complete halt - sometimes the ATV wont respond to simply the request to move the “cursor”, but more often you will click to enter, but there will be no click sound, and the ATV just sits on the same screen, and will no longer respond to anything.

A minute… two… later, suddenly whatever you clicked it will remember and act, with the appropriate click sounds etc…

Is this a known issue with the ATV and/or aTV Flash?

Is there a work around? Something to install / fix / ?

This machine has been set up and handed on to my brother, who has Down Syndrome. It has solved the issue of him being able to watch his favourite tv shows that he had on DVD, however had the unfortunate tendancy to use the DVDs as plates / coasters / frisbees… I live 300km away, so have to rely on my mother to fix issues as they arrise (ie restart it if needed). The machine is with me right now as the HDD failed - have just installed a 1TB SATA drive. I’d like to be able to hand it back in as good shape as possible…