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I would love to see a way to sandbox videos for users.

I don’t really want to see my kids Scooby videos and I don’t want them to see my vids. So some type of user support or folder permissions would be great. 

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I have a few suggestions :

  1. It would be great if subtitles automatically displayed if there were some in or with the video file
  2. Episodes of TV shows could be packed in folders
  3. Covers view is a little compact, it could be more spaced, just like in edit mode (but that is just a matter of taste I guess :slight_smile: ).

Would be great to have SMB streaming support to allow access to my tweaked seagate wifi plus drive; or WebDAV streaming, or dlna client support :slight_smile:

One or all would be perfect additions for me


There is only 1 change I would like to see!  


Currently when viewing your library every episode has it’s own separate icon even if they are from the same season of the same show.  I would like to see all the episodes from the same show organized under one box art icon.  When you select the show you want to watch there would be a drop down menu for what season you would like to watch, and then when you select the season there would be another drop down menu for what episode.  Right now I have 3 seasons of the same show and it’s very unorganized because everything is loose all over the place.


Hope this makes sense!

What about adding the scrubbing features that come native to ios? So the ability to alter the speed at which you scrub, and being able to see on screen the scrubbing happen instead of using a static frame…?

I have an issue with Infuse. When I select a video to play it takes to the player window for a split second but nothing actually plays instead it takes me back to the Infuse window (the list of videos) any suggestions.


First of all thank you so much for making this player. I have tried a few and none of them really satisfied me. I love that you integrate the movie information. I use my iPad mostly to watch movies and TV shows while on the plane, but just reading the names of movies makes it really hard to pick what I want to watch.


My top 5 suggestions:

  • Allow to make the sound louder - On planes it is really, really hard to hear clearly, because it is so loud.
  • Allow to search metadata with a custom title - some files have a filename like "sparks-thisis40-xvid.cd1.avi" and it would be helpful to be able to search for "this is 40" in the movie database.
  • What bionoid said - Sort TV shows in "folders" by season. It would be really hard to navigate with a lot of tv shows.
  • Stream from a NAS - If possible even download directly from a NAS
  • Support for DTS

I understand the license is quite expensive. I jumped on board early with this app to support the development, because I really see the potential for it to be the best player. I really hope more people will do the same, so you guys can make a ton of money to make that possible :slight_smile:


  1. Airplay for sure !

  2. Support for Slingbox ! B-)

Add streaming support in exactly the same way you do in media player… In fact my dream would be for you to release an iOS version of media player… ISO support etc… 

I basically want Media Player on my iPad !! 

Network streaming is a must have!

But when this is done another thing that would be absolutely great is some kind of automatic cloud sync of movie positions between aTV Flash and Intense.

I often start watching movies on my Apple TV. When I continue it the next day it will ask me to resume from the current position which is great. But if I just take my iPad with me it would be a killer feature, if Intense would be able to also continue from that position.
That would be a really fantastic feature for me!



Prio 1 for me is ability to scan library from network share, preferably webdav but LAN protocols would be good as well. 

Then also possibility to set “Offline” mode on a movie and it would be wirelessly added to the iDevice for offline playback. That would defenitely be a killer.

NAS support. I think it is called SMB. 


With those two - you’re done!


first of all i want to tell you that the idea of the infuse player is really nice.
it works fast and looks amazing.
there are also a few features that has to be added to make it brilliant:

  1. streaming from nas-devices
  2. airplay support (sound out on zeppelin air, video out on apple tv)
  3. stream files from your nas when you are on the way
  4. mac os x app that can be used to play content on tv and has the ios app as remote control (incl. siri)
  5. the mac os x app can also support “the leap” motion controller and “myo” gesture control
  6. edit function for the content in your collection in the ios app (wrong match/cover etc)
  7. sections for movies, series, music videos etc.
  8. search function (name/genre/actors etc.)
  9. collect wrong matches corrected by users in your database to improve right matches

Native Dropbox browsing rather than open in (or in addition to)

I bought Infuse immediately because I love ATV flash and use it every day with joy so I want to support you folks. But as soon as I started using it I missed some of the features that I had on the CineXPlayer, primarily airplay which you are working on, but I’d also like to be able to swipe to fast forward or rewind 60 seconds.

Otherwise I am very happy with the initial release. I agree with the others that folders for TV shows would be great. I look forward to many future releases from you folks.

I miss a way to organize movies, like a playlist or, at least, delete and reorder.

I don’t know if its a (good) bug, but after using airplay via iTunes, the movies I play in Infuse was streamed to aTV.






I think the first three points will satisfy a huge audience straight up for:

  • Wifi Uploads

  • Airplay Support

  • Network streaming (starting with AFP)


To incorporate an iOS or AppleTV like wiggle on Movie thumbnails, to give the ability to group Movies, edit (for metadata) or delete would give some flexibility for local content.

However further down the line, I would think with network streaming you would only see the folder structure from an AFP/SMB source, which would most likely use cover art, such as folder.jpg for folders just like aTV flash.


Keep up the good work! I’m loving the clean interface :slight_smile:

Hi, great app. I love it and using it when traveling. But there should be a option to mark the items watched… when i have a lot of files a function like this keeps track of the NeXT file i have to watch…