Tautulli Player Management?

Hey All,

Does Infuse support Tautulli player management? I have a few users of my Plex Server and on multiple occasions, they just turn the TV off and as such, sticks my server in a streaming loop as its still technically playing in teh Apple TV’s eyes (they don’t have a TV that supports EARC so when they turn the TV off, the ATV remains on). What they have reported to me however is that they occasionally pause the media so they can come back and watch it later but at the same time, they turn off the TV.

My question is: Does Infuse have the functionality to terminate a stream remotely? I have tried on multiple occasions to terminate a stream via Plex’s own dashbaord but it didn’t respond or kick the user off nor did Tautulli of which is just a better dashboard than Plex’s own. Tautulli would allow me to automate that proccedure so that lets say a user has something paused for X hours, terminate stream.

Is there a setting on the apple TV or app that I’m missing so I can have Tautulli terminate their session or is that something that is a bigger conversation? I have tried looking in exisitng forum posts for anything mentioning Tautulli but couldn’t find anything.

Let me know, thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi there!

Have a look at the killstream.py from blacktwin’s JBOPS repository.

Customize it to your needs.

Works flawless w/ Tautulli.