Tap fanart to start video playback

Hi James, why have you made it on iPad so that one has to tap specifically on the play button in the centre of a video’s rectangle image that is on every tile? Why can’t we just tap anywhere in that rectangle to trigger playback? Look at how YouTube does it: you don’t need to tap/click on the big red play icon…

Thanks for the feedback.

Moving this to suggestions for now.

I would beg to differ and argue that this is not a suggestion, but a bug.

When it comes to tapping the rectangle to bring up the Add File menu, one can tap anywhere in it, one does not have to tap on the + or Add File caption.

Please make this consistent so that the entire thing is a control.

Based on how you have to swipe down to close the movie details in the new library, it is probably safer to not accidentally start a movie instead of just a swipe. But assuming you have good accidental detection it could work. Also, it is consistent with how it works on on up next tiles right now.

Also, personally i find that youtube auto-start very annoying. Sometimes I just want to look at info, but can’t do that without starting…

You don’t have to swipe down. You can just tap anywhere outside of the “tile” area…

I suppose on the ipad, yes, but not much room on the iphone. Currently they are fairly consistent between the two devices.

There are some places where consistency is a good thing, but iPad and iPhone are distinctly different devices, so there is nothing wrong with certain deviations so long as they are for the better.

May I ask if there is anything that will be done about this as part of the usability improvements that are being driven at the moment?