Taken The Plunge

OK, long time Plex user. Used the native IOS Plex app for my own system and Infuse for Google Drive content, BUT, I’m so sick of the Plex app transcoding almost everything I download to my iPad (with variable quality results), I’ve switched my Infuse iPad from Google Drive to the Plex library and have downloaded a load of content for offline viewing.

The download process was nice and smooth, especially the multiple TV episodes.

Over the next week or so I’m looking forward to offline viewing at original quality with Infuse. I have a few UI suggestions specifically concerning synced content, but I’ll post them with my observations in a week or so.

Good job so far guys.

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Awesome! That’s great to hear.

Feel free to share any feedback as you start to use it more.

One quick point; I watched a TV Series episode and it correctly marks it as watched in Infuse, but Plex still has it as unwatched. Is this normal behaviour or should Infuse sync back to Plex the watched status.


If this was a downloaded episode, this is expected.

However, we’re currently working to improve the syncing between offline content and streamed content, so soon everything will stay in sync.

OK, watched quite a bit now, both synced and streamed content.
First, picture quality is amazing, this is on a 12.9" iPad Pro, beautiful and I’m sure accurate colours, gorgeous sound, just lovely. Such an improvement over the Plex app.
Second, UI still a bit confused. I like that you can just show synced content, but I wish “All” view didn’t duplicate content that is synced, it’s not useful.

The picture quality of Gotham and Taboo (a BBC TV series) is so rich, I’m astonished.
So far so good.

I forgot, quick UI suggestion:
When downloading it’d be useful to know how much free storage space is available.

Quite happy with the player results. Glorious picture quality and sound too.

If you are browsing via the Library, Infuse will group synced and remote content together so you only see a single copy. There are a few cases where this doesn’t happen when streaming from Plex, but is something we hope to improve.

You can see the available storage space on the Settings > Add Files screen. You can also download files there by browsing through your share.