Tags and Artwork

Can you have your Media Player read the iTunes tags and artwork that already exist within the file it is playing. I have spent a lot of time tagging and adding artwork to my media files. Why does the Media Player have to try to fetch new data. It aready exist within the media file in most cases. The fetching seems to be hit and miss with TV Shows. Just have it read the data that is already there. Thanks

Currently Media Player will read the Title tag (if present) embedded in the media file.

We’re planning to improve this, as well as add support for TV show metadata in an upcoming version.

I’d like to add for this that it would be nice if metadata is read from .nfo files or xml (Mymovies) if available like XBMC does. Now I still have some mismatches with aTV Flash black, what would not have happened if it was able to read the info from the files already available.