System Updates

At what point will ATV1 be updated?  I’ve seen numerous updates come out for ATV2, and none for the original.  Is the ATV1 being abandoned by Firecore?

Yeah, it seems like it.  Throw us a bone?  Can you at least say if anything at all is planned or maybe you should state that on your front page/atv silver ad?


I wouldn’t expect any updates, ATV 1 is turning into a fossil. If your lucky they might.

It would be good to know if they’re just going to abandon it though.  I don’t care either way, but want to know if I need to also abandon it, and seek out alternate systems to run things.  Until ATV2 can support a wired external HD, its not much use to me, as I have all the other functionality through other systems.

seems like FC doesnt care. they just collect the money and then dont provide any updates. very upsetting.