System Password needed to install ATV Flash?

I’ve been considering purchasing the ATV Flash program for my Apple TV but as I was reading through the forums to see if my USB thumb drive was compatible, I read somewhere that in order to install the files on the usb drive one needs to enable system permissions, and furthermore, that one can only do so if one has a password activated on their admin account. The problem is that it is very hard, unless one re-installs leopard, to remove a password once one is actually set up. I don’t currently have a password on my system and do not care to have one. Hence, this is my question, will it be impossible for me to install the ATV Flash on my usb drive? Are there any work arounds? And if not, can future releases be expected to resolve this deficiency? Why on earth doesn’t the ATV software just let me proceed as normal when I install system software? I just get my OS X prompt and click ok without a password and it proceeds without any hitch. Seems that if other software developers can avoid the bug so should this one. Anyway, the only thing holding me back is this potential anxiety so perhaps someone can provide more helpful information.


As far as I understand you are just asked for a password in case you have activated one. So it is not a functionality of the aTV but of your system.

So in your case the creation will be basically possible without pw.

The latest version of aTV Flash (3.2.3) does not request for a password of any kind. The installer just needs to run under an Admin account, and not Standard account.

You can check your account type in System Preferences > Users

Excellent, thank you.