Synology Users - Are you able to connect?

If you are using a Synology drive, are you able to conennect to it with Infuse currently? On both FTP and SMB?

I can’t whether it be on my iPad or Apple TV

Firecore says an update for the SMB is coming soon, but wish they would tell us when and not sure why ftp is also failing

I can connect with either on a 920+ without issue.

What version of Software are you on? Have you tried NFS? Working great for me

The fix for Synology devices is aimed at addressing a bug they introduced when attempting to list/open a group of folders. This is meant to address your original issue.

If you’re seeing connection issues on all protocols, there may be something else going on.

If this is on iOS, my first thought would be to check and ensure Infuse has access to Local Network in iOS Settings > Infuse. If this is off, Infuse won’t be able to connect to any devices on your network.

Beyond that, you may try switching from Wi-Fi to Ethernet (or vice versa) as this may help shake out some issues related to your network. In particular, we’ve seen at a least a few cases where a device may be able to connect while on a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network, but does not work on a 5GHz network.

Just curious, have you connected before and this is a new issue or is this your first time trying to connect?

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I was able to connect before and I can not connect anymore

Local netowrk is turned on on my iOS in the settings

I can connect to the Synology on VLC just fine

I was able to connect via ftp on my iPad and ATV tonight

I have connected via SMB, then NFS so it doesn’t require credentials, but now connect via WebDAV so I can connect remotely if needed.

I have found the solution to not being able to connect via SMB. I have a port number that does not match the default port number Firecore self populates (I believe 415). I would keep changing it to match mine and it wont connect. If I do nothing and use the incorrect port number that is there by default SMB works

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