synology usb station 2? NAS


Has anyone had any experience with the synology usb station 2 has?

The specs for this looks pretty awesome however would like to know your thoughts on this whether I should buy it or not?

I am mainly looking at the price as am on a budget.





Should you buy it ?

I have a USB station 2 and it works with a jailbreaked atv2 – but as a “NAS” it is underpowered compared to the other synology products…

  • there are many features (photostation (!), mailstation, webserver, etc.) that are not available on USB station (it’s not so clear on synology’s website, but USB station has a “light” DSM 3.2 firmware where all other synos have DSM 4 full-featured). So if you want a full NAS, then maybe a DS112j or DS212j would be a better choice (an not much more expensive)

  • if all you want is a HD with movies and music available for your atv2, then USB station is OK, but I’m sure there should be cheaper solutions (pogoplug? WD MyBook ? cheap Buffalo nas on ebay ??)

  • synology updates their products every year… usb station 3 should be available soon (unless they abandon that product ?)

Yes, all I really need it for is playing HD MKV 720p files. I currently stream content over wireless-n network from macbook pro to my 1st gen wireless-n airport extreme router, however there is sporadic buffering problems which can be annoying!!

Does the USB Station have the NZB downloading client built on board like the other synology products?? As that would be helpful to have and also does it have an FTP server built in so can transfer files from mac??


  • no problem for FTP access

  • there is a downloadstation package that can handle NZB, bittorent and some other formats but it is quite slow and buggy (you can also try to use Transmission with the alternative firmware , I havn’t tried but it seems to work better)