Synology update - Lose all infuse metadata

Hello all,

I’m using infuse on my iPad, iPhone, and two Apple TV’s 4 everyone connected over network to a Synology NAS thru SMB.
Recently Synology updated DSM to version 6.1.7
I think this happened at the same time, but after updating synology NAS, my two Apple TV 4’s infuse pro app asked me for the SMB credential in order to connect to the synology. All was setted up correctly with a very large library configured and fine-tuned about metadata.
After providing the credential (which was exactly the same as before), everything was lost in infuse, no more library, metadata, all was messed up !!!

I spent very long time to get all stuff ordered, and it was a pleasure to use infuse. Now its just very bad, and I would like to know if somebody experienced the same, and if there is a way to recover everything.
I checked the Apple TV’s free space which is good and my iCloud synch is on. (Both Apple TV’s lose the data).

Please help me recovering my great Infuse without spending hours to re arrange everything !

Thanks all