Synology : need to install/use a server ?


I have a Synology DS916+ and intend to use it on both Apple TV 4K and Chromecast Ultra.

Question, do i need to install Video Station and/or Vidéo Server from my NAS.


No, you don’t need to install those. Infuse will work with SMB, WebDAV, NFS, Plex etc to access your video files.

I use my DS916+ with plex, works flawlessly with infuse, but you can use whatever network protocol infuse supports like smb, nfs, etc


I made some tests yesterday with my Chromecast Ultra, for some files playback was impossible, for other playback was stopped / paused.

FYI, my files are stored on my NAS, connected in ethernet to my Chromecast Ultra.



What is the use of Plex in this case ? Metadata management ?


Central metadata management and video watched state mostly. It keeps a nice database of all your movies and series which Infuse can use.

What were you using to playback on the Chromecast Ultra? Also, what were the video files that were stopping and pausing? I’m using a Synology and going to Apple TV 4/Apple TV 4K/iPad Pro and don’t have that problem as long as the video file is supported.

I used my iPad Air to playback the files stored on my NAS, connected in ethernet to the Chromecast Ultra.

I actually have some internet issues, but everything is in local so …

I’m not really sure how the Chromecast works from an iPad, but I’m guessing it’s using wifi to get from the NAS to the iPad, then from the iPad back to the Access Point. From there it’s from the AP to the Chromecast with ethernet. Does it play on your iPad fine? Is it fully hardwired, or do you have something like a Powerline?

Me neither, waiting for the Apple TV. Everything is connected in ethernet, except of course the iPad. Maybe that’s the Internet connection, I’ll run some more tests but I don’t think anything should block it once the playback starts

It’s probably just low wifi speeds to your iPad then. I never had good experience with Chromecast so I never use it on my Shield and I returned the little dongle I got.

Infuse will use basic file server protocols like samba or FTP. There’s no need to install anything on your NAS to get the ATV or Ipad to work.

Chromecast is not a good box to play movies from a NAS. You’ll need to use plex, you can install plex on your NAS and it’ll transcode videos as necessary in order to allow the chromecast to play it. The problem is this’ll consume all your processing power on the NAS. Your NAS’s processor (pentium N3710) only has a passmark score of 1800, so it may chug while trying to transcode into 1080p video. You can do hardware transcoding with that processor, but that requires Plex Pass which is a $120 lifetime or $5/mo fee. Hardware transcode will put the burden on your processors GPU, but should be plenty good enough for transcoding 1-2 streams.

Infuse will play movies directly, the iPad or ATV will do all of the decoding on it’s own processor so it uses little resources from the NAS. Basically the NAS just needs to be able to serve up data at 2-4MB/s which it should handle with ease. You’ll need the Infuse pro license to play movies with DTS and AC3 sound. But Infuses fees are significantly less than Plex, being a yearly fee or small 1 time fee. The only bottleneck is just your wifi speed. If you can hardwire the ATV with ethernet, than do so. Otherwise, you’ll need a decent wifi connection to play movies from your NAS. I would say you want a minimum of 40mbps of stable connection at the spot of your client device to have smooth playback.