Synology NAS and Infuse: help to find the right configuration

I’m trying to find the right configuration to connect the Infuse app to my Synology DS220J NAS.

I don’t want to use Plex Media Server, because using Plex my NAS will never go in sleep mode.

I have seen in the setting of the app that Infuse offers me different configuration modes:

  1. SMB;
  2. NFS;
  3. UpNP;
  4. DLNA.

If I understand correctly UpNP and DLNA do not show the library, but the files are accessible only by browsing folders.

I read on this forum that using SMB or NFS the library will be correctly displayed.

I tried to use SMB, the connection is successful, but I don’t see the library, only the folders (like UpNP).

In addition, the address in the settings relates to all my nas (MYNASNAME.local) and not just the video folder.

Could this be why I don’t see the library?

Thanks for support!

Sorry, I solved now!
I simply needed to add a favorite folder!

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