Synology ds218+ what is the best configuration with Infuse PRO

I want to buy a synology DS218+ and I want reading my video collection from. I have differents formats, hd, 4k etc. What is the best configuration on the synology? Can I use NFS? I need Plex server???

SMB is probably the easiest to get set up, and is plenty fast to stream just about any type of content.

NFS is also pretty fast, and a few tips for setting this up on your Synology can be found here.

Plex is a fine option as well, and provides some handy remote streaming features if that is something you may find useful.

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For the moment, I have WDcloud for my movies. Just share the folder Public with two folders, movies and series. LDAP is off. I watch my movies on my television only. On Infuse pro, I pick my server and I choice my favorites folders. Actually, I chose NFS in the list. Soon, I will install NAS synology DES218+. If I understand, I will share the folder and set the pref for NFS. If I want Plex to, there are no problem for the encodage. I have more movies in 4k. Sorry for my english!!!

You don’t need PLEX at all. Just use standard file sharing over the network.

Currently, I only use the standard file sharing on my WDCloud. It’s very simple indeed. I felt that sharing seemed more complicated on the DS218 +. I need a better system and more space. I still hesitate between the WD EX2 ultra and Synology ds218 +. Thanks for your advices!

Sharing is very simple in Synology and there are a lot of instructions on their website. For example:

But to add a library from synology to infuse, you can use standard synology packets. You need just install media server and video station and add your folders with movies to video collection. Then you can access them over standard UPnP/DLNA protocol.

Thank you very much!

Can use NFS protocol???

Currently, LDNA is OFF on my WDCloud.

I do not use NFS to be honest. I use AFP and Samba. But it shouldn’t be a problem, I think.

I will read carefully and see the best solution for me.

You will loose a bit of the options in Infuse if you use DLNA, you’d be better off using SMB .

Thanks for the information.

Do you mean “options” while watching? I haven’t find any difference in using UPnP/DLNA when I download movies to iPad. And it looks much faster than through file sharing.

As far as I’m concerned, I read that the NFS protocol was faster.

I use NFS with my Syno DS716+II, and it works great. Never a problem. I tried SMB first, but NFS seems faster.

This setup is much, much better than any implementation of DLNA here or on any other device. My old way was to use DLNA on a Blu-ray player. It worked (mostly), but there is no comparison to ATV/Infuse/NFS.

Go with NFS and you will be happy.

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Good!! Thank you!!

The Library will not be available for some streaming options like UPnP and DLNA in Infuse so better to stick with SMB or one of the other protocols.

Personally, I’ve had the best luck so far with SMB and have encountered no speed issues on normal HD or 4K files.


i want to use nfs4 is this also possible?