Synology ds213j doesn't show in Infuse

Hi there, just bought a Synology Nas ds 213j, and it doesn’t appear in “infuse add a share”. I have tryed manually with different settings but i keep getting error messages. I have no trouble with Xbmc, but i would much prefer using Infuse.

Any help would be really appreciated.



looks like i am not the only one having troubles linking their NAS to Infuse. Would it be a bug that need to be sorted on Infuse?

I have no trouble with XBMC. 

Isn’t there a new version of Infuse comin out the next few weeks?

Please help




Hi, I had the same problem with my DS211j. After installing the newest firmware and activating

SMB 2 and LArge MTU

and Local MAster Browser (for guest login)

it worked perfectly

Have a look at the attachement.

I also use Synology. No problems.

Make sure you have AFP up & running in your network.