Synology DS110j streaming 720p mkv to XBMC horrible



I tried to stream a movie in 720p of my Synology DS110j over gigabit ethernet to my jailbroken ATV flash ATV2. But it stucks. WHere is the Problem?

No problem here with XBMC, AppleTV2 and my Synology DS110J. I connect using SMB (not UPnP) and 720p MKV’s are running fine over wifi! 1080 files seems to stutter. What versions are you running? (XBMC, AppleTV IOS, Synology firmware)

The latest version wich is released the last days and the version before. And SMB

Using a 110j also, AppleTV on latest build - no problems with Media Player at all.

Same with XBMC, I’m only on 802.11n network!

I have 209j seam to work with any of 720p mkv stuff some restarts seen on DVD files rip direct to server.

using latest 3.1-1748 on the Synology