Synology DS Video for ATV4

Have been testing the new Synology app for ATV4 and the look and feel is great!
Folders, artwork, info, searches etc beats Infuse by far


no support for X.265/720p and DTS places it on the shelf for a while :frowning:
My old DS212 cannot do transcoding.

Was waiting for this for a long time… But absense of DTS(even as a paid option) makes it a no go for me.
Still using Plex server to connect to my Synology until next version of Infuse is out. I am still seeing stuttering when muxing subtitles into the stream on Infuse.

Drop me a PM if you want to give the beta a try. The few that were having issues with subtitles say it’s been solved, but would be nice to get a few more thumbs up just to be sure. :wink:

I have the Ds video as well but have noticed longer load times vs. Infuse pro. Also I like the ability to edit metadata on screen with Infuse.I would love to see a list view like Dsvideo has. Overall I think Infuse just does a better job.

I would love to see the beta version.

I have the DS415+ and it handles all formats (I have) very well; if stuttering occurs at some high-rate movies ( around 30Mbps), you can choose “Medium” video quality instead of “High”, you wouldn’t notice the difference, but it eases the transcoding load significantly. The DS916+ is supposed to have hardware support for transcoding!

On a side note, did you notice the resemblance of Infuse and DS Video UI? Who was first? :wink: