Synology DS video and Infuse

I’ve installed Video Station server on my DS218+ so my wife can view her uploaded family videos on the DS video app. When Video Station was installed the drive began “converting” all the videos. Is anyone familiar with this? I’m wondering what the drive is converting the videos to and if this will interfere with Infuse at all.

It’s making them mobile friendly. Probably to standard mp4 at a certain bitrate.

It could cause a few issues but you’ll have to see. If it is creating a new lower res file then you may end up with duplicates of each in Infuse and depending on how and where they are created and with what name differences it could be hard to tell the difference when choosing what to play in Infuse.

If it deletes the original then you would loose the better quality picture in Infuse.

If you have a choice you may want the new files placed in a directory that Infuse doesn’t scan and leave the originals where they are.

This is just a guess though, you’ll have to see what issues if any it causes when it’s done.