Synology Disktstation > FTP, WebDav Access very Slow...!

Hi :slight_smile:

I use Infuse on my AppleTV4 and currently I use a SMB Share on my Synology DiskStation 216play!

Now I try to use FTP or WebDav Share, (because many Users report this will be much faster than SMB)…

The Problem is:
If I use FTP (or SFTP) or WebDav, the access is extremely SLOW!

Can someone tell me, how I must configure the FTP or WebDav on my Diskstation correctly, to get a fast connection over FTP or WebDav?

Has no one an idea???

There is nothing special to configure. I turned on FTP in DS Manager on my DiskStation (DS416) and that’s it. Sounds rather like a network problem in general. Maybe your WLAN connection is dropping, also make sure you’re using at least CAT5 cables everywhere. I’m saying this because a friend had exactly the same problem, one ‘old wire’ slowed down his whole network.

Use WebDAV if you choose something else than SMB.
Make sure everything is setup correctly in the Diskstation, Firewall and Windows File Sharing or WebDAV if you use it instead.

My ATV is loading fairly well from my DS 212j

I don’t know why,

but the only one Protocol wich is working is SMB Share!

WebDav is very slow and FTP also!
I don’t know what to configure (Firewall etc.) on my Diskstation…

How I must set the Firewall on my DS?

IF the Firewall is enabled, make sure you let the applications through DiskStation Manager - Knowledge Base | Synology Inc.
In case it is not enabled, disregard the above.

Regarding WebDAV, make sure you don’t use the HTTPS stream, DiskStation Manager - Knowledge Base | Synology Inc.

However I don’t think you will find these protocols faster than SMB. SMB should be fast enough… There may be other issues bogging your NAS down.

Usually I would leave the firewall turned off as your router should have one protecting your network. I’m using ftp and even stream uncompressed BD rips that are easily 30gb without any problems.

I assume the bottleneck is somewhere else in your network. How is it set up? Is the router probably not capable of handling gigabit ethernet?

I use the following Network Setup:

My Internet-Cable-Modem (Unitymedia TC 7200) is connected to a TP-Link Gigabit Switch:

On this Switch is also my Synology DS216play, and my AppleTV4 connected!
I use only CAT 5e Ethernet cables to connect my Devices…

How is the CPU usage when streaming?

Despite this I still think it is a good idea to keep the Firewall on in the Synology. The Firewalls in most home routers are very basic and don’t support e.g. IP banning, the Synology Firewall offers this feature.

The CPU usage is not high, only 15-20% Usage

I think the Firewall is not enabled! (but I’m currently not at home and can’t look yet)

I don’t know if this is normal:

BUT if I start Infuse and open a Movie-Folder there is a Grey Spinner (this takes 15-20 Seconds) and then the Movie-Cover-View appears!
(maybe wake up from Sleep?)

And if I start a Movie, then I see the spinning-Wheel for 4-5 Seconds and after this the Playback starts!

Is this normal?
Or is the Cover-View Loading and Movie-Starts faster on your Network?

It’s only useful when you have the Diskstation in between your modem/router and everything else. Otherwise it will protect the DiskStation but nothing else.

those times are normal, especially if your Synology is in hibernation.

Yes I agree. But for most people, the Diskstation is where they have a backup of their most valuable data. On your laptop/desktop you probably also have a Windows Firewall running as well.

And the Start-times (4-5 Seconds) are also normal?

Does it make any difference with the Start-Time if you use SMB, FTP or WebDAV?

Yes, it fits my experience pretty well… It has to buffer (and maybe even remux it) the data in the beginning, so 4-5 seconds is to be expected.

One proper configured firewall on the router or even a separate computer is the best, right behind where your internet enters your home and seperating the whole rest. Having multiple firewalls running can easily lead to problems like double NAT or problems with upnp connections. It’s never recommended to have it activated on the computer AND the router.

Still are the Firewalls in most consumer router ASUS/Netgear/TP-Link etc. proper?
In any case, my Diskstation allows me to "Restrict suspicious IP addresses with auto block ", my router doesn’t. So I have added the Firewall layer to my DS.