Syncing with iCloud taking forever

Hello. I don’t know if I’m the only one experiencing this but the syncing with iCloud some times takes even literary 10-15 minutes. I have 1GB up & down.

I already deleted my iCloud backup, turned off & on the option to sync infuse inside the iCloud setting.

This is happening with all my devices. Apple TV, iPad & iPhone.

Any help?

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I’m seeing the same 10-15 minutes sync times here if the last successful sync was more than a couple of hours ago. After a recent sync, it finishes very quickly. All the relevant information is showing up very fast, not sure what it continues to do in the background for so long.

My impression is that the sync time gets worse the longer I use the same library (I constantly replace watched stuff with new media, so the overall size is always comparable), so a wild guess would be that it has something to do with keeping track of watched status of stuff I have removed long ago.

I assume one potential workaround would be to manually remove all iCloud data related to Infuse, but so far this issue hasn’t bugged me enough to risk it :slight_smile:

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Lol I did that. The first day worked like charm but the again went from 1 minute to 10-15 minutes. In my case the “watching” are not syncing since it’s stuck in syncing with iCloud. Hope they can take a look.

Will try with an older version of infuse to test.

What do you mean by older version? If you are using beta version it my not be backward compatible with non beta versions and iCloud won’t sync.

I will test using Infuse Pro 5

iCloud will only sync infuse 5 to 5, not 5 to 7

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Correct. I know it will sync only to infuse 5. What I want to verify if it’s something that changed in the lasted infuse’s updates or it’s something with iCloud.

Go for it!

I do it all the time. :smiley:

Just note if you have custom playlists you want to keep, you’ll (maybe?) need to preserve them on at least one device when deleting the data from iCloud.

Unsync the device (and all your others), uncheck all favorites (zero items in library, to prevent immediate rescanning after next step) and delete the local metadata from all but the one device (in case my advice sucks).

Then delete the iCloud Data.

I’m fuzzy on this, but I’m 90% sure when I last wiped my devices, deleting the local metadata cache did NOT delete the playlists themselves from the device — only the content metadata they linked to.

So after wiping all my devices, I deleted the iCloud data, and then re-synced that device to iCloud to transfer the collections over to the other devices (which hadn’t been synced since I created them).

When I reimported my library, the collections repopulated — unless I’d changed the filenames of the content. Those showed up when the titles were rescanned, but the items linked to their deadnames and thus weren’t of any use. This was how (iirc) I figured out the only way to delete a custom collection is to actually delete the collection in the collections interface — just deleting the metadata isn’t enough.