Syncing Watch Status

Hello all, I am a new user planning to sync with my Plex llbrary on an ATV 4K. Do I need to use trakt or will it just auto sync watch status’s?

Trakt is the best option for keeping multiple device and apps in sync.

A bit more info on how syncing works can be found here.

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Thank you!

Even if it’s home videos? I’d love to be able to set watched in an nfo file to infuse as well,

I get back to this issue to ask of there could be a privacy concern using Trakt. I sue Infuse on my Apple TV and in another room I have an Android tv with Kodi and I would like to sync the watch status across the two devices and players.

Is there any alternative, for instance storing in a home server the watch status? I have heard of use of MySQL severs.


If you’re using plex as your server for both infuse and you’re Apple TV it should sync through plex. I have setup with Infuse on the Apple TV and Kodi with plex connect on an android box and everything syncs without using trackt


Actually I have your exact setup, Infuse and a Kodi on the Android TV (I wrote Plex but I meant Kodi). What you have done is exactly what is was looking for, can you please better explain what you have done (I am not very familiar with Plex)?


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