Syncing Trakt to Infuse 6

Hi everyone, I have a question. I started using Trakt and Infuse 6 with it today on my iPhone. I want to use Infuse 6 for the connection with Trakt only. However, my Trakt library won’t show up in the app even though in linked it. When I click on library in settings it also says 0 films, movies and others. Can somebody help me to get Trakt to show up on the library page? Thanks in advance!

Infuse will only show you information of videos files that you have either saved locally or on a shared drive. Its connection to trakt is for managing viewing history, but it does not support collections at this time.

So if I understand correctly, the app has no further functionality if you don’t use it to watch video files?

Correct. It is not a trakt managing app. I do believe though that trakt is working on a native app. I personally just use their website as that works better than any 3rd party apps that I’ve tried.

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Just to clarify, Infuse isn’t just a video player app. It also arranges, collects, displays, and formats the artwork and textual metadata. It also tracks watched history as well as combines many different sources of videos so

isn’t really correct.

I’ll add that incorporating the Trakt collections is on the roadmap for Infuse under the planned items.


Just to get it straight. What can I use Infuse for when I don’t import my own video files? And what are some of the most common uses of Infuse?

There’s a good run down on what Infuse can do here

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First and foremost Infuse is a media player.
To be clear the current Trakt integration is fairly limited to marking an item as watched (and rated if you so choose) in Trakt when watched.
The bottom line is if you don’t have your own media then Infuse is of no use to you at all.

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