Syncing subtitles through iCloud

Why when I download a subtitle in one ATV, it’s not synchronized to all the others? Because when the subtitle is already downloaded in the GD I see it everywhere else, just when I use the built-in subtitle download

Are other aspects of iCloud working for you between devices?

There are a few requirements for using iCloud. One thing in particular to check on the ATV is to ensure the ‘Default User’ has the correct Apple ID set, as this is the only user which can sync with iCloud. More info can be found here.

Everything works but the “downloaded” subtitles.
Maybe it means downloaded before to the GD, and not within the app

Downloaded subtitles in this sense refers to subtitles which are downloaded from OpenSubtitles from within Infuse.

For example, if you start watching a video and download subtitles on one device, you can move to another device and Infuse will allow you to resume the video in the same spot you left it, with the same subtitles selected.