Syncing Question

If I mark movie watched in the app will it sync with Trakt?
Also if I mark a movie watched in Trakt will it sync back to Infuse?
I’m having some sync issues and was wandering about this, thanks.

Yes, marking an item as watched in Infuse will also mark it as watched in Trakt.

Syncing watched statuses from Trakt is also available, but is limited to Infuse Pro.

A bit more info on the syncing options available in Infuse can be found here.

How long is the delay?
I marked movies as watched on Trakt but those movies aren’t showing as watched in Infuse Pro
It has been about 12 hours.
I tried logging out of Trakt and back in but it doesn’t change.
I also have noticed in last month movies that I have watched are still showing as “watching” in Infuse.

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