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I just LOVE infuse! :slight_smile: But I have a small problem/question: “iCloud Sync” is activated on all my devices (iMac, iPhone, iPad and AppleTV). I do all the files and metadata work on the iMac. Whenever I add new movies on the iMac and then go to one of the other devices, the new movies are being found and added to the list automatically. Lovely!

BUT: sometimes the automatic metadata finder adds the wrong movie (for example when 2 or three different movies share the exact same title, the process simply chooses one without asking me). Now, when I go to the iMac and manually change/select the correct metadata and thumbnail for the movie, this information does not sync to my “consuming devices”.

All devices are always on the latest version of INFUSE and also always on the latest OS versions. I use the same AppleID on all devices.

Am I doing something wrong? Or do I simply not understand what the sync is supposed to do?

Any help or hint would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks, Zorny

iCloud sync handles many things and is detailed here.

It may take a while for iCloud sync to catch up on other devices after you do a correction.

Also note, there may be an issue with the background sync that you can follow here.

Thank you, I will follow the thread you suggest. :slight_smile:

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