Syncing metadata and thumbnails

I am having trouble syncing the thumbnails and metadata that I painstakingly updated on my iPad to my appleTV. The settings on the apps don’t seem to be identical too which doesn’t help. I have tried all different combinations of syncing settings and now I seem to have lost the work I did on my iPad. Very frustrating. I bought the lifetime version of the app so it isn’t an issue with having a lapsed subscription. Can an admin please give me a fail proof way to have all the thumbnails synced on both iPad IOS and TVOS thanks

Welcome to the forum and sorry you’re having problems.

First have you updated all devices to the most current version of Infuse? they should all be at 6.2. Unfortunately, I believe that 6.2 won’t sync with older versions so if you were doing corrections on one version they may not be synced to the other. After you have all devices updated see if the corrections then are synced.