Syncing iTunes Contenx - More Info Needed


I have read through the forum and it has kinda answered some of my questions but I just have a couple more in depth ones that I need answered:

 - Initially, upon installing the software to my ATV my ATV will have no media on it (which I am fine with) and I plan on just attatching an external hard drive. Previous to that, how do I get all my content from my iMac to the external HDD and make ATV reconize it? I know my way around Mac OS and I’m not asking anyting silly like how to locate the iTunes libary folder etc… But is it a case of just copying that folder to my external HDD and the ATV will do the rest?

  • Because of my frist question, my second question is, if I download and import say an album on to my iMac via iTunes and it gets updated in my itunes libary does it get synced over to my external HDD or will I have to unplug the HDD, plug it into my iMac, copy it over then move the HDD back to the ATV?  


If you could provide a breakdown or some more info that would be great! I realize there are a lot of iTunes/HDD related questions I just couldnt find any that answered the questions I had    



The AppleTV can be setup with an external drive so iTunes will sync to that instead of the internal drive. The size of the external drive will be reflected in iTunes, and no other special steps will be required.

More details on setting up external drives with the AppleTV can be found here: