Synchronization error between two accounts Infuse > Plex > Trakt


I am encountering a synchronization problem.

I use Infuse Pro In-App with a Plex library and a Trakt account to family share the In-App purchase.
My father have an account on my Plex library and is log in with into Infuse. He use the same Trakt account than mine (like describe here Infuse Pro: Purchases, Upgrades, and Family Sharing).

The problem is, when I watch a movie, it’s mark like “seen” for my father and vice versa.
It’s not the desired behavior.
This “Scrobbler” option for Trakt account is check. What is it used for ?

Can you help me to resolve this “issue” ?

Thanks and sorry for my english ^^


When streaming from Plex, Infuse will use Plex for syncing watched statuses between accounts.

You can also use Trakt while logged into Plex, but this would only sync watched history TO Trakt. Infuse will not sync watched history FROM Trakt when using Plex. To disable Trakt syncing, simply toggle off the Scrobbler option in Infuse.

Hi James,

Thank you for reply and for this explaination.
For the moment I simply log out both accounts on all the devices and login in again.
It seems to be resolve my problem.
I will check next days to be sure that it’s work fine.




I come back here because my problem is not resolved and it is annoying.
There is a desinchronysation between my infuse library and my plex account.

In attachment, you can see my plex account which is at the 10th episode but on my infuse library it is the 18th like the plex account of my father.
If I play the 10th on infuse, my plex account will be updated correctly.
But if my father play the 18th, my infuse account will mark it as read.

If you want more details please let me know.

Thanks for your help

Nobody have this problem or can help me ?
It’s a very bad situation ?

I think the problem is that infuse does not support multiple/child accounts in plex.

Oh ?
Can anyone confirm us that multiple plex account is not supported ?
It is annoying.

You can have multiple plex servers with different username/passwords but that multi-user feature doesn’t work. At least it never has for me. It always uses the main default account.

Oh, ok :confused:
So I can´t have only one plex server for two accounts …
Maybe I can install an other plex sever on another NAS and map the library with distant files.