Synchronization between iOS and AppleTV (Infuse 7.7.5)

I’m having an issue with the current version of the app, version 7.7.5 for iOS and iPadOS: library change data isn’t syncing correctly between Apple TV devices.

I have 3 Apple TV devices (all with the latest iPadOS 17.5.1 and Infuse with PRO subscription 7.7.5), as well as an iPhone and iPad also with the latest firmware and Infuse versions. iCloud, iCloud Drive, one account included everywhere. Infuse data syncs seamlessly between Apple TVs. But as soon as you launch the version for iOS or iPadOS, the old media library database starts loading. I previously backed up my library to my Apple TV and was able to get the latest version of my library back.

Now I can’t use Infuse on both Apple TV and iPhone and iPad at the same time, since the latter two devices spoil the data library and I lose many hours of work done to compile collections and playlists. Versions for iOS and iPadOS have to be kept unloaded from memory and only use Apple TV. I’ve tried reinstalling apps, deleting data from iCloud, but nothing helps. This issue appeared with the latest 7.7.5 update on iOS and iPadOS.

Are there solutions?

(Sorry for the English, this is an automatic translation.)