Synchronisation between downloaded files and remote files WITHIN Infuse

Hello everyone, looking for some help if possible.

New user to Infuse and impressed with the Plex and Trakt intergration, the main reason being the ability to download TV Shows/Movies from my Plex server with no transcoding enabling me to watch my media anywhere without an internet connection.

Once a file downloaded it states the file is ‘synced’ however I’m finding this not to be the case. All it seems to be doing is downloading the file from the Plex server and essentially creating a separate library and that’s where the ‘syncing’ stops.

If the local file stored on the iPad is watched or part watched this information isn’t ‘synced’ with the remote file and once connected to the internet again in turn doesn’t update Trakt. I have two folder covers for remote and local files with different episodes marked as watched. Surely if the downloaded episodes are synced then that’s what should happen?

I have an app called Couchy which I could manually mark TV shows as watched but the major issue with that is part watched episodes and carrying on viewing from a different device and marking Movies as watched. If I watch an episode on my WiFi network which is stored on my Plex server then Trakt works perfectly and immediately updates Plex. So unless I’m missing something Trakt isn’t the issue.

Don’t know if I’m explaining myself properly but an example of what I hoped would happen is:

  1. Browse Plex library and download TV show episode S01E01 to my iPad to watch offline.
  2. Watch 3/4 of episode S01E01 offline through Infuse.
  3. Return home and launch Infuse.
  4. Infuse syncs watched information with episode S01E01 stored on iPad and Plex library in Infuse.
  5. Trakt then syncs watched information with Plex server
  6. Continue watching S01E01 on Plex through smart TV.

Sorry for waffling, would really appreciate if someone could let me know if I’m doing something wrong or even if step 4 is possible?

Is there any update on this?

As a side note, when I select the file and swipe left and download then if I click on the top ‘Synced’ menu bar no files are shown although I have downloaded various episodes from different TV shows. I have also tried playing the locally stored file when still on a wifi connection and have access to my Plex library and unfortunately no watched history syncs with the Plex server files within Infuse. Only when I stream the files direct from my Plex server and Trakt picks them up.

Could @James respond if possible.

Welcome to the forum!

This is a limitation we’re aware of right now, and will be working to improve in an upcoming version.

2+ years later and this appears to still be an issue. I assumed this feature was part of Infuse 6 and is a big reason that I downloaded it. Has this feature request been abandoned or are there any other updates?

Did you download the free version or the Pro? If the free did you start a subscription?

This is currently under active development, and something we hope to roll out soon.

Downloaded the free version and then paid for the Yearly Pro via in-app purchase.

This was added in the recently released 6.4.7 update. :slight_smile:

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That’s awesome, thanks! Does this need trackt in order to sync?

Nope. Trakt is not required. :slight_smile:

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