Synced videos duplicate macOS

I have a few videos that for on Infuse for MacOS are showing up twice. Once is the share and then the second is “synced”. How do I remove those synced videos (without deleting the actual file) so that only one instance shows up in my Home Screen?

Also, what does “synced” mean? I have both trakt and iCloud sync enabled, but I am not sure it has anything to do with that.


Synced in when you have downloaded the video from the server to the device.

You should see a copy in both the server and in the Infuse folder in the Mac. If you delete the copy in the Infuse folder on the Mac you should be back to one copy of the video.

Thanks for the suggestion- I tried deleting the synced file but it ended up deleting the actual server file too. When I select “show in finder” on the synced file it takes me to the actual server file. I was editing the nfo on one of my files and for some reason two other movies showed up as synced which I hadn’t downloaded or done anything to. So now I have two copies of two other movies on the Home Screen. It’s really bizarre.

ah I think I just solved it. I just cleared the metadata in preferences and it fixed it.

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