Synced TV show showing up under "All" instead of "Synced"

In Mac OS version 7.6.5 running on Mac OS 13.6.1, there seems to be a bug that causes Synced (Downloaded) shows to appear under the “All” tab of the TV library along with all the other shows and not in the “Synced” tab. This is also redundant to the existing non-synced instance of the TV show (so synced shows appears twice under All and zero times under Synced).

Not a big deal, but just thought I’d see if anyone else was experiencing this and whether or not there’ll be a fix on the way.

One other person reported something similar on reddit a couple weeks ago: link.

The only existing topic I could find that mentions this is from Apr 2019: link.

I should also mention that things are behaving as expected for synced movies. This only seems to be an issue for synced TV shows.

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‘Synced’ items in this sense refers to items located in the Movies/Infuse folder.

Have these files been downloaded within Infuse, or are there stored in another folder on your Mac?

I downloaded all the movies and tv show episodes from within Infuse by clicking the 3 dots menu and then Download. I just checked and they’re all stored in ~/Movies/Infuse. However, only the synced movies show up in the Infuse app in Library/All Movies under the Synced tab. The synced TV shows show up under Library/All TV Shows under the All tab and not under the Synced tab. Under the All tab, the synced show appears as a separate TV show entity that is a duplicate of the non-synced version.

I just confirmed this is happening for me on the iOS app as well for downloaded/synced TV shows, but not movies.

I think this has something to do with the fact that downloaded TV shows don’t appear to be correctly “merged” with the existing server versions. They appear as a separate show under All. For movies, the downloaded versions appear both under the Synced tab and under the All tab within the same movie poster but as a separate version (it says “2 items” under the poster and you can select which one you want when you’re on the movie page).

Here is something else I found: When I switch my library to come from SMB (rather than Plex which is what I was previously using), the synced shows are correctly “merged” with the TV show under the All tab, so there’s no duplicate TV show. When I click on the show, I can see that the synced episodes are marked as “Synced”, but I can’t select from the downloaded or server version like I can for movies. Even though the synced episodes are merged correctly here, they still don’t show up under the Synced tab for the “All TV Shows” portion of my library.

Not sure if this is just me, however I’ve just noted that when I download movies, they show up on the sync’d tab and I can see both versions of the file when opening the show so I can choose server or local playback.

This isn’t the case with TV Shows oddly, this doesn’t really make sense to me. I’m hoping this is an IBKAC issue (interface between keyboard and chair), as I’ve love this capability for both Movie and TV Shows.

Movie entry showing “unified” server version selection

Movie entry showing “unified” local version selection

TV show entry showing server version in library, note no multi version to choose from

Local File entry showing downloaded version as Sync’d

Confirmation that Infuse see’s the downloaded/sync version by showing a download replace error

TV show sync tab is empty

Where the movie one has many many entries so no screen shot.

Infuse Version - Has been an issue with many versions, current version Version 7.7 (7.7.4675)
Server - Plex Server (all versions)
O/S - MacOS 14.2.1 (23C71)

I moved your post to a currently running thread that sounds like what you’re seeing.

Thanks @NC_Bullseye, this is part of the feed-back so perfect place, I promise I tried to search before posting, just didn’t stumble across this one. I think the terminology issues between Synced and Downloaded in the product might not be helping :slight_smile:

Not a problem at all. I just happened to remember a similar post and dug around till I found it. :wink:

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Hi @james ,

For me, the files were downloaded within Infuse (not added separately to the file system).

When a movie is downloaded, the “All” tab entry shows both server and local version, and also the entry on the “Synced” tab.

When a TV show is downloaded, the “All” tab entry shows two seperate entries (another bug that is discussed elsewhere) and nothing shows on the “Synced” tab.

For me, the way the movies behave is perfect, if this could be replicated for TV shows I’d be ever so grateful.

See my post with screen shots within this thread for more details/context if needed. Also happy to recored videos or provide any other feed-back you need (this is my major gripe with Infuse).

When TV shows are synced to ipad they don’t show in TV Shows > Synced. They do show up if you go to the show on All and then select Synced from the show page.

I’m seeing this same behaviour with the iPad app 7.7 (4729) and my Jellyfin server. I download an episode within the app via the “three dots” menu on an episode and selecting “download”.

Now in the All TV Shows view I have two versions of the same show, one on the server and one local.

This isn’t how it’s supposed to work, surely?

It would be great to have a dedicated ‘Downloads folder’ as not to confuse oneself. Also, if such a thing can’t be done, a download icon/ribbon visible on the file which is downloaded would be nice.