Synced items are duplicated in collections

Infuse 7 iPadOS version 7.3.2 3968

This is to do with synced content.

I have a number of films synced to my device, 5 of which are in a collection. If, on the Home Screen I select “All films”, then ‘Synced” the display correctly shows only films on the device, including one entry for the collection. If I then select the collection, all films are shown twice, I presume once for the library version, once for the synced version. Surely in the above situation it should only show the synced films.

See screenshot below


So just to confirm, these duplicates are only visible while browsing through the collection item? The duplicates are hidden in other areas?


Correct, only when viewing the collection contents.



Sorry, I was mistaken. The duplicates also appear if I browse the films page (not synced), it shows collection contents of both library and synced films, so the same as for synced only selection.

To summarise, when viewing the contents of a collection anywhere, it will show both films in the library and again if they are synced.

Sorry for the inaccurate earlier reply.

How were these files added?

Were they downloaded via Infuse, or added manually?

James the files were manually uploaded to my Google Drive, then I did a library scan for changes as usual.

Sorry, I may have misunderstood your question. The films were download within Infuse, via the three dots context menu.

I get this too from time to time, usually it will fix itself after a manual rescan/sync.

Also in Google Drive.

Came on here to search for the same thing. I seem to have “corrected” it by unchecking Metadata Fetching and checking Embedded Metadata, but then when I look at the tv shows, I don’t see the synced shows without going to Files.

Unless you are sure that your video files actually do have valid embedded metadata you’re probably going to want to make sure this is turned off.

Turning off metadata fetching will cause lots of blanks and pretty much renders the Library useless so be aware that new items will also remain blank with this off unless you add local metadata files.